Breast Implant Replacement – The 10 year Myth

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Breast augmentation being our number one procedure, our most asked question about implants has to be “Do I need to have them replaced after 10 years?”  It is the most common misconception about implants.  Unless your implants are leaking there is no reason to have them replaced, however they are not considered a lifetime device and potentially at some point may need replacement.  Our bodies and lifestyle change over time and for some women switching to a different shaped/sized implant or removal of the implants is the right choice for them.

Time for a Check

You do want to have them assessed by your surgeon if you are experiencing any pain, discomfort, hardening, or notice changes in the size or shape of the implant.  These are all signs something maybe wrong with the implant or scar tissue and time for replacement or removal.  Dr. Patterson recommends our patient have a check every 3-5 years to monitor any changes that maybe occurring.

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